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电子游戏娱乐大全:Equity fund hot "explosive" potential fund Qi issued

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内容摘要: Since 2018, as the A-share market index continues to rise, investors' passion for market participation is on the rise.This directly led to ...

Since 2018, as the A-share market index continues to rise, investors' passion for market participation is on the rise.

This directly led to the issuance of equity funds; with the same time, the scale of the issue of related funds has soared. And only more than "explosive" potential fund issued at the same time attract attention.

Fund Raising to Reappear the Bull Market

Since 2018, as the A-share market index continues to rise, investors' passion for market participation is on the rise. Fund Issue Continues high fever since the end of last year. According to statistics. As of January 22, the fund being issued (A / C share separately) 204, with partial stock funds based.

Insiders pointed out that in 2017 A-share structural market, individual investors in the secondary market more difficult to operate, compared to the profit-making fund raised highlights. Since the fourth quarter of 2017, under the joint action of public fund, especially equity fund "earning effect" and fund company's expanding fund, new fund The issuance of equity funds has been significantly accelerated.

Since the second half of 2017, with the emergence of market-making effects, the issuance of public funds, especially equity-related products, has significantly increased. Statistics show that from October to December 2017, the share issuance of equity funds reached 8,293 million shares, 13,149 million and 5,789 million respectively, ranking the top three of the year. The average issuance share of individual funds also Reached 1 billion copies. Into 2018, the subscription fund performance more active.

Xingquanquanyi Fund issued on January 16 originally planned deadline for January 22, but in the afternoon, Xingquan Fund announced that in order to protect the interests of fund shareholders and ensure the smooth operation of funds, Xing The entire fund will be released on the afternoon of the day of the announcement, the end of all kinds of appropriate raise. It is understood that the day the fund raised a total size of 300 billion yuan.

Hot selling of equity funds is not a real story. January 10, China launched the steady sale of the original scheduled to raise the time for the January 10, 2018 to February 6, the results of only 3 days to raise 7.817 billion yuan, also ended ahead of the offer. Earlier, in November 2017, the Orient Red Rui Xi, the flagship product of the fund's red-net product, was also raised over a one-day scale of more than 17 billion yuan and eventually placed on a pro-rata basis. It is worth mentioning that, in the "blasting" fund competing baked at the same time, more than just equity fund raised to raise, and there are many new funds set foot on the line. Frequent explosions for the extension and extension of the co-existence of the status quo, the industry insiders interviewed said that this year's fund differentiation significantly differentiated, and the public offering of funds to make money and other factors.

According to the person in charge of the public offering channels, the wealth effect brought by the fund's rich returns last year is an important factor contributing to the uneven distribution of new products. He said that the overall performance of the fund flat market, all products tend to be balanced attention. However, under the effect of making money, investors have raised their awareness and recognition of public offerings. As a result, there have been remarkable increases in the fanatical enthusiasm for the promotion of star fund managers and promotion of products by professional organizations.

"Explosions" potential fund Qi Fa line

This week The new fund , only more than "explosive" potential. For example, on January 23, the issuance of Dongfang Red Arrow's three-year fixed-rate hybrid fund aims at grasping mid- and long-term opportunities in the stock market through three years of regular operation. In order to rationally control the size of the fund-raising, the Oriental Redress Fund has set an upper limit for investors' subscriptions. The total subscription amount for a single fund account does not exceed 10,000 yuan and the limited issuance time is only January 23 for one day.

Analysts pointed out that the issuance of new funds set only one day issue period, and limit the subscription limit of a single fund account 10,000 yuan, mainly due to the management of investors for the interests of the initiative to take the initiative to control the size of the fund. Although this limits to a certain extent the size of the fund. However, based on its outstanding long-term performance and brand influence, Dongfanghong brand is widely recognized, and Dongfanghongresearch is expected to be sought after by investors.

Data show that since 2016, the Orient Red Series Fund has seen one-day sell-out on many occasions. Among them, the Oriental Hongrui Shanghai-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Mixed Fund raised more than 6.3 billion yuan a day. On September 19, 2017, the closing date of the Orient Red Ruifund Hybrid Fund was changed to an open-end fund LOF, with an opening purchase amount of over RMB10 billion on the first day of opening. The Oriental Redui Xi issued on November 8, 2017 has set aside a mixed fund for three years. It has once held a grand occasion for subscribing for an amount of 17.822 billion yuan on the first day with a final placing ratio of 11.22%.

Another example is the same on January 23 issue of the growth of the rich preferred three-year flexible configuration of funds, the fund star fund manager Wei Wei helm. Data show that as of December 31, 2017, Fu Weiguo Fund its nine active equity funds in 2017 net growth rate of more than 30%, of which rich countries Shanghai and Shenzhen deep selection of value and rich days Tianyuan Shanghai and Hong Kong two funds Rose more than 35%, respectively, reached 41.59% and 36.72%. While the weighed shares held by Wei Wei Mixed Funds Wells Fargo Low Carbon and General Equity Funds Emerging industries in Wells Fargo increased by 33.20% and 34.28% respectively in 2017. According to statistics, as a nearly 19-year-old public fund management company, the long-term performance of the fund of the Wells Fargo Fund has always been among the best. According to the Haitong Securities "Fund Companies Equity and Fixed Income Asset Performance Ranking" data show that as of December 31, 2017, the fund of the Wells Fargo Fund for the past three years, five-year net growth rates were 82.84% and 151.39%, ranking respectively fifth and sixth place among similar comparable fund management companies.

Analysts pointed out that in recent years, the regular open-end fund has been increasingly favored by investors mainly because of its advantages and can better exert the advantages of closed-ended operation. Three years of regular operation of open and easy to grasp the quality of long-term investment opportunities in stocks, is conducive to fund managers to implement investment strategy. At the same time, it also objectively played the role of guiding investors in long-term investments and avoided the timing dilemma of chase and sell-downs.

blue-chip fund

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7_89456_147_65 473_9 Source: Oriental Fortune Choice Data , Galaxy Securities, Due 2018-01-22
Fund Code fund referred near March earnings fee operating
160628 Penghua estate classification 24.58% 1.20 % 0.12% purchase accounts Buy
260108 Invesco Great Wall Emerging Growth Hybrid 7_89456_104_ 65473_922.59% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
002085 Changsheng Internet + mixed 22.17% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
160218 Thailand real estate sector index card grading 22.12% 1. 00% 0.10% Buy Open an Account Buy





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